Before the fateful Friday the 13th, before being obligated to concern myself about an uncertain reality made of fears, before when I could be flabbergasted by frivolous phenomenon (but I still think we should make a deeper reflection about “fashion” consumption and obsession). Yes, trying to make a rewind, I’ve had made these photos. I was impressed and almost worried about some videos of people fighting for a dress. To know that some Chinese had slept in front of stores, buying everything they could, and in less than 15 minutes they have had uploaded photos on Ebay, reselling all the things with an inflation of 100%. On Friday the 13th, I was thinking on the sofa, with a will of writing a post about the social phenomenon of consumption… In my sweet innocence… Never imagining that in 10 minutes later nothing of it would have much more importance to me…  That my worries would be other issues

2t (3) 3t (3) 4t (3) 1t (2)

Grazie a Iran Santos per la assistenza )))) e a Sumona per posare.

Dress: Balmain x H&M,  shoes: Charget

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