Suicide Squad: because i’ve found it not suicidal enough

   Hmmmm … I find myself among 100 teenagers applauding and happily smiling after seeing a movie, it does not happen to me every day, then I decided to prove being good with my opinion on “Suicide Squad”. The story based on DC comics characters, tells the adventures of a group of super villains recruited … Continue Reading

Digital Nomads: the search for new ways of living

  I had already hinted in my previous post “Have you ever thought about sleeping in a tzigani caravan?” the growing number of people who choose, and also create new types of jobs that allow them to travel around the world, looking for new ways of living, digital nomads, that deep inside they make what ancient … Continue Reading

Instagram Stories X Snapchat

I had already spoken in the post Snapchat of my passion for Snapchat and I am sincerely watching carefully this new battle between Instagram vs Snapchat Stories. The truth is that in the world nothing is created, everything is transformed, but the question is this one, where’s the transformation, and improvement in Instagram Stories? I’m … Continue Reading

Olympics in Rio: The Olympics of many first times symbolizing hope.

I will talk about the Olympics in Rio again, in the last post I talked about three trends that we usually see in the streets of Rio, this time I will tell three stories of the first times in this Olympics full of polemics, between doping stories, economic issues and the health situation in Brazil, … Continue Reading

Vivienne Westwood, when fashion makes policy. Hacktivism, the power of the keyboard and the new revolution

Vivienne Westwood, when fashion makes policy A few times I was so thrilled to see shows such as Vivienne Westwood in Milan fashion week in 2016 and the London Fashion Week in 2013, where the walkway became a place of protest in favor of Julian Assange. The freedom and the struggle for this should move … Continue Reading


  There are places that just leave us at will, this also applies to virtual spaces. The first time I felt virtually comfortable was with Second Life and I have to admit that helped me much more than my psychoanalyst sessions, there I’ve lived different lives and for some people it may seem ridiculous, but … Continue Reading