Vivienne Westwood, when fashion makes policy. Hacktivism, the power of the keyboard and the new revolution

Vivienne Westwood, when fashion makes policy A few times I was so thrilled to see shows such as Vivienne Westwood in Milan fashion week in 2016 and the London Fashion Week in 2013, where the walkway became a place of protest in favor of Julian Assange. The freedom and the struggle for this should move … Continue Reading


  There are places that just leave us at will, this also applies to virtual spaces. The first time I felt virtually comfortable was with Second Life and I have to admit that helped me much more than my psychoanalyst sessions, there I’ve lived different lives and for some people it may seem ridiculous, but … Continue Reading

What gift for christmas?

This Christmas I decided to play with my family and some friends. I asked them to tell me one or two words as a clue so that I could have an idea of a gift for them. For a long time I prefer to buy on the Internet. Sometimes cheaper, convenient and, for me, funnier. … Continue Reading

My son, I ‘m sorry … Not be easy …

We were sat on the sofa, I was writing a post for the blog and you were sleeping. I turn on the TV and suddenly everything has lost its meaning… the pictures, the posts, it all vanishes, Paris cries. Another time I’m sure that tomorrow is not going to be an easy day, we are … Continue Reading

Look seventies

    Taxi Drive, Midnight Cowboy, Tommy, Saturday Night Fever, Vanishing Point, Trash… There are so many movies where we can find inspiration to create a 70s look. But, my model made an observation, it is the 70s, but really simple, essential. So I made a selection between the clothes, symbol of that age: flare … Continue Reading

It is romantic

  Ten years before its time, a fashion is indecent; ten years after, it is hideous; but a century after, it is romantic. JAMES LAVER

Eternally a girl

  When I was very young I had some dates with a guy a lot older and sometimes I thought it was weird that he, an a lot more experienced, cultured and with a lot of different interests, wanted to go out with me. Once he told me that he was with me because his … Continue Reading

My first post !!!

Since fashion is also an art, I wanted to make my first post in homage of my favorite artist. Frida Kahlo was a revolutionary in all ways possible and also in fashion. With her I learned that for you to have true personal style you should never forget your origins and your never ending search … Continue Reading