I had already hinted in my previous post “Have you ever thought about sleeping in a tzigani caravan?” the growing number of people who choose, and also create new types of jobs that allow them to travel around the world, looking for new ways of living, digital nomads, that deep inside they make what ancient nomads used to do: being in a place as long as they feel comfortable.


The decline of the American Dream


Slowly we are realizing that the American Dream is such a trap, the base of the American dream is to make you wish the success of the few, the American dream says: you see that … he made it, he got rich, he has several homes, expensive cars and you can also have it all! What a pity that the number of people reaching these goals is always less and most make a living using the time clock, stressed, unhappy, deceived and doubting if he will discover what are his true dreams, helping to turn the wheel in which few will have fun.

For example, here in Italy, where I live, a growing number of retirees who after living a life of work, choose to live in other countries, taking advantage of the exchange to be able to live in little better conditions with the miserable pension they receive. Spurred by this type of injustice and observing a world that becomes more poor of feelings and truths, an increasing number of people rebelling choose to embrace their dreams and they engineer to create new jobs that give them freedom to explore, they set off in search of the lost beauty of a new concept of time and the discovery that the knowledge of the other is the true wealth. This new way of “global” living requires the will to find who you are: who does not know what one is, does not know where one goes. And to receive you must also give and this is worth much more in the exchange of culture.


The new primitive man


Where the primitive man was, he used what he had at his disposal and with his hands, he created. The evolution of technology leads us to something quite similar, changing the connection of the work with the space: and increasingly we are free to work wherever we wish and also to produce, just think of the 3D printer. These new ways to create break the chains that the industrial world had to undergo, giving life to a new industrial revolution. A documentary on Netflix, very interesting that nicely illustrates this effect is Print the Legend. We are in the prehistory of the living technology and this can be seen also in the culture, the new primitive music and with our communication that returns to the “visual”.


Today when we speak of freedom we speak of internet


Internet is the heart and mind of this new industrial revolution and the proof of the recovery of ourselves. So freedom of information and access to it is essential for our growth, or better survival. If we are free to create our own work, and to give information, and access to knowledge and truth, automatically we will discuss with the strong powers that have done nothing but to exploit us. My opinion I expressed in my post …. If you also want to be more active in the defense of freedom in the network, I advise you to follow ….


Why would anyone choose to be a digital nomad?


If you ask someone what does s/he like to do (not asking about sex, OK?) 80% will answer: to travel. Many are not willing to wait for retirement and to live in other countries only because they earn so little after a lifetime of work. No, they want to live and be well now. It’s very expensive, this is the excuse that many will give, but many have found that choosing a job where they can work anywhere, earning in a stronger currency, and they can live well and save money, traveling or living for a short period in countries with a weaker currency. The site Expatistan is a great source, it makes the calculation and compares the cost of living in various cities and countries.

The site Nomades Digitais With its manifesto of digital nomads will tell you why you can also change your life, I strongly recommend it.

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