When I was very young I had some dates with a guy a lot older and sometimes I thought it was weird that he, an a lot more experienced, cultured and with a lot of different interests, wanted to go out with me. Once he told me that he was with me because his age on the inside was of a boy and that guy I saw on the outside was not who he was on the inside. Today, I understand this, because inside me I don’t have the same age of all the years I’ve lived. I catch myself still singing very loudly to songs in the car, getting to know new bands and buying clothes that a lot of times I don’t have the courage to wear. I can’t resist pink, ribbons and tulle. I still didn’t have the Carrie Bradshaw’s courage of going out with a huge pink tulle skirt during the afternoon, but I still have it inside my closet and it awaits me patiently.

4t (20) 5t (19) 1t (20) 2t (21)

Foulard:  Hermès    Skirt: Jennyfer

Jacket modified by me: Replay  

Top:  Vintage shop Le Bagatelle di Lory    Shoes : primadonna

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