As I had already spoken in my last post about my review on Suicide Squad, what I like the most in the movie was the look of Harley Quinn: So today I propose a make-up tutorial. With the success of Suicide Squad, especially among young people, I believe in Lucca Comics  (one of the most important comic fairs in the world, here in Lucca, Italy) this year certainly there will be no lack of Jokers accompanied by stunning Harley Quinns. In this tutorial, made in my Snapchat (are you already following me? No ??? what are you waiting for girl ?!) I made a more glam version, with much glitter and not much trash …  in the future, next to the date of Comics, I will make a more cartoon version. I have to make clear that I’m not a make-up artist and in the parts which I do not have the makeup technique, I fix with photography, hence I am a photographer, but I love makeup and we should not forget who does this alone, makes it for three 😉

If you also love to experiment, if you running out of eyeshadow, there is no problem in replacing it by a lipstick in the eyelids, as I did here … This tutorial is perfect for you. For being a relax tutorial, I made it in my Snapchat and managed to do the makeup with one hand and the other holding the phone … Hey girl, is not a face thing, think that my cerebral hemispheres have fought with each other for years… Let’s leave the game aside, this was the first one and perhaps the next will be a little better, but I believe will always do it in the Snapchat, I have a “gambiarra” soul. Who knows in the next I will also write the names of the products, I think that will be the case … Really? Oops …


The beauty of evil women


I don’t know you, but I always loved women of action … Ripley that shows up kicking Alien, for example … Angela Mao hitting the villains with Aikido movements … or the survivor heroine from the horror YOU’RE NEXT… But nothing seduces and intrigues me more than an evil inner heroin…

Not only Harley Quinn, but Elektra, the ninja who made the poor Dare Devil go mad … or Mystique, the chameleonic X-Men rival … What would T. Burton’s Batman be without the fantastic Cat woman, hungry for revenge and schizophrenic?

Can we tell the truth? A little evil with makeup and high heels makes everything much more sensual and less unpredictable … As Ute Ehrhardt said: good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere…

makeup harley quinn

Snapchat: stylistlowcost

makeup harley quinn makeup harley quinn

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