Why am I talking about ” How to organize a children’s successful party. Ideas with the theme Minions “? First of all, I am really fond of children’s parties and who follow me on Snapchat saw a little of the party preparations I made for my son Lorenzo and watched how I dedicated myself to it. Second we are living a very difficult moment of terrible news and I wanted to talk about a special, lighter moment that gives me pleasure, one of the happiest times of the year for me.

The photos in this post with the theme Minions are Lorenzo’s 4th birthday party, that was last year, this year the theme was Scooby- Doo, but I will show it later. The tips I give you now, I learned succeeding and failing at parties that I made for my son and I hope you can avoid future stress.

How to organize the decoration?


Let the children participate in the organization: First of all, make the birthday child choose the theme of the party, after all the party is his/hers! Parties are wonderful, but they don’t last too much, the ideal is to make children participate in the decoration preparation. For this party with the theme Minions, I had my son and his friends to paint the boxes of fruits, cut off the stickers, glue the ribbons … It was a party preparing the party and they were very proud of what they did. Of course you’ll do that if you have the time, avoid buying everything already done, besides saving money you will have a lot of fun, on sites like Pinterest (https://it.pinterest.com/taratatadesign/festa-infantil-tutoriais/) there are many great tutorials and available things ready to print. To throw a beautiful and organized party, divide the table of savory and sweets. Invest in the candy table decoration where the cake will be, think you will look at those pictures of your child enchanted with his/her cake and candles with a longing feeling for the rest of your life.


How to avoid waste


First of all, make a list of guests and ask them to confirm if they can join the party. Nothing is sadder than seeing that in the end of the party there is much food left, and you spent money on it. Normally a person at a party eats 70 grams of cake, 6/7 sweets /savory and drink 500 ml. A very useful tip I received was not to buy large serving plates, because many people fill the plate and do not eat everything and waste what we have done with so much affection. Use only small plates in which the person put small amounts and sometimes repeat what they liked the most. Buy colored plates and glasses, not of a specific character, so you can recycle all that’s left in other parties. Do not make too much sweets, make more savory, it is normal in children’s parties to overdo the sweets because we know that kids love it, but they eat very little, especially at parties. Most of the adults prefer savory. If you are unsure of the amount, do not overdo it, do for example one or two large focaccia and buy a Nutella jar or ham and cheese for emergencies. If they do not consume it, can freeze the focaccia and the Nutella and other things you can eat during the week. Take packages to give the guests what’s left of the party, you will make them very happy.


Provide fun at all


What is primordial for a lot of children to have fun together? Space and security! I’ve been to many parties where children had not a good place to play, children run and also fight, it is very annoying for parents to have to stay throughout a party concerned for the safety of their children, they also deserve a little peace. If it is hot organize the party in a park, take a ball, organize sack race, treasure hunt, musical chairs, etc. … If you do not want to spend a lot of money hiring a person to animate the party, the most important thing is to provide a time when children can be children. This also goes for the birthday child’s clothing, if you want to put a princess dress, or expensive clothes, let the children have fun without the worry of being always perfect, it’s his/her day, you can take spare clothes and let that special one for the cake. What is also cool is to take a souvenir or candy bag for the guests.

Do not forget to have fun too! Now relax, you will have a year to de-stress, improve, rest and save money for the next party;)

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