I had already spoken in the post Snapchat of my passion for Snapchat and I am sincerely watching carefully this new battle between Instagram vs Snapchat Stories. The truth is that in the world nothing is created, everything is transformed, but the question is this one, where’s the transformation, and improvement in Instagram Stories? I’m not a specialist in this area, but at first glance it seems only a copy made in a hurry.


Yesterday I made my first Snapgram or Instasnap and certainly the views were much larger than I usually have on Snapchat, today I posted a photo on Instagram and I had much less likes, perhaps the curiosity of the innovation everybody is looking at the stories of people who had never even noticed and maybe a little interested, but what if this news is the death of the former function of Instagram, which is to show our photos?


My first feeling is that we all feel (for now?) more comfortable in Snapchat, encouraged by fun filters that take us less seriously, I do not know if it can apply to all subscribers on Instagram because most of them have signed up for other reasons and for a different method of communication and perhaps the Stories will not interest them, but if your photos are always viewed and valued less will it still be interesting for them to be there? Anyway I am very curious to see if the behavior of users who had never thought of signing up for Snapchat will change with time.

But one of the main factors is Mark Zuckerberg, is he our new God? He was already accused of selling our information to Cia & Co will he always be more powerful, to buy and sell us at his own taste? Another curiosity is Evan Spiegel what will he do? Because if you refuse to sell your creation for a fortune and see it being indecently copied I think he is really F… mad at it. Miranda Kerr Please make more chamomile tea for him and let him work please. We know that Mark is a paranoid, buying homes with all the neighboring houses around, in Hawaii he built walls that disturbs the landscape and buying or copying everything and everyone is increasingly the master of our lives, but it seems that Evan Spiegel also does not have a wonderful character, and that managers often escape from his company running away without looking back.

Well, yesterday in my first Stories I kept the mood with which I make my Snapchat, my aunt, who follows me in Instagram, when she saw the video she wrote to me asking if I was silly … See, these are different worlds and I do not know if it depends only on the filters …

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