What is beautiful in the cinema and literature is the chance to return to a story several times as possible in the course of our lives. I guess it also happens to you when you see a movie and create an opinion about it and a while after that, you review the same story and reinforce your certainties or completely change them.
When I first saw the movie “The Virgin Suicides” by Sofia Coppola, I’ve noticed all the shades of my adolescence, the fragilities and the desire of discovering myself. Seeing this movie again today, its beauty reconfirms to me and the certainty that I’ll see my son one day: I believe it is a sweet way of introducing the female world. To the purpose of this movie, when I was fantasizing about how to create the right atmosphere to photograph a ceremony dress, the memory of the Lisbon sisters’ prom came to my head… And even the Lisbon sisters’ dresses have nothing in common with my beautiful dress in tulle, the idea of creating the sixth Lisbon sister amuses me, blond and stunning like the other five ones. In the movie, Lux, who is fourteen, is crowned as the prom queen with Trip, the most good-looking boy of school, later on she loses her virginity in the soccer field, then she falls asleep and is left alone in the field. Who of us didn’t prove the same delusion, giving yourself away to the wrong person? In the morning, Lux returns home by taxi, and from that moment on, she and her sisters punish themselves with death. Who of us was not guilty for the fact of loving too much? We should never teach our children that loving too much (and its consequences) is something wrong.
My sixth Lisbon sister returns home by bus, the same one that I took when I was a teenager. With her princess dress she is really beautiful, crowned by innocence, but, she also discovered that she can be cruel when she grow up. My Lisbon sister in her way back home by bus knows that she will find a hug and will never be alone in her development.


Tip: watch the beautiful video “Freak” by Lana Del Rey: an atmosphere inspired by the movie The “Virgin Suicides”.

Dress:Villa Park

My first prom My first prom My first prom My first prom

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