We were sat on the sofa, I was writing a post for the blog and you were sleeping. I turn on the TV and suddenly everything has lost its meaning… the pictures, the posts, it all vanishes, Paris cries. Another time I’m sure that tomorrow is not going to be an easy day, we are all at risk.

Dear, I’m sorry, but I have to tell you… your tomorrow will be difficult. Mommy’s generation may have suffered because of the pimples, for not being the most popular at school, for not having those super sneakers, but your generation will not have the time for silly things. It will have to be stronger, smarter, and more prepared and deeper. I have to apologize to you, we are not leaving you a beautiful world, we’re not capable to solve it all, and we weren’t prepared. But we will have to learn how to make you prepared. As long as you are by my side in your sweet dreams, dreaming about cartoons, the world is walking to an arduous way with no return, and I don’t know how to apologize one day. I can only give you my simple and stupid advises: honey, you must be proud of yourself, your culture, of being Italian, European, son of an Italian father and a Brazilian mother. You must fight for your and other people’s freedom. You must fight to love whoever you want to love and fight for the love of the others, and never forget, that one day you met love and you cannot make yourself a savage.  Do not trust in the simplicity of violence, study, to understand the complex ways of resolution. Mom believes so much at her goal of seeing you growing free and letting you build your own convictions, please, use them in the name of good. Be respectful to your brothers, dear we all are children of only God, it doesn’t matter the religion, respect other people’s beliefs, and if you are not going to be a believer, respect the religion that helped to construct your culture. So many people will say that you are doing it wrong, a lot of them. But it’s priceless to have peace in your heart and a quiet mind, and I can assure these are the tools to build happiness.

Honey, I sincerely don’t know what else to say, do not trust anyone with so many certainties. I can only give you the luck of a happy childhood, at a home with no guns and hatred. Seeing you traveling around the world, show you my passions, reading and making you meet Santa Claus. Everything in the hopes of that one day this sweet cradle will serve you as armor and give you strength. Sleep honey, because tomorrow mommy needs you, to refuge myself in your innocence, to listen to your voice that brings me peace when we are watching a movie and you tell me: Don’t worry, Mom! The good ones always win…



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