There are places that just leave us at will, this also applies to virtual spaces. The first time I felt virtually comfortable was with Second Life and I have to admit that helped me much more than my psychoanalyst sessions, there I’ve lived different lives and for some people it may seem ridiculous, but there I was very happy too.Then the socials and sharing platforms were created: Orkut, My Space, Vine, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr … But the thrill of finding a little place where I am fine, I rediscovered it again only with Snapchat. I like the intimacy often excessive with all the nudes that can get to us, in fact, this is also a very … how can we say? Curious? Honestly if we, mothers, had the fear of the famous intimate photos in the school bathroom, now they have evolved. The exchange of nudes is already something like the exchange of figures. Even though these days an American teenager that uses Snapchat, feels offended by this porn exaggeration, he was disgusted to see images was published in Buzz feed Discover, turning the Disney classics into porn.


However, Snapchat is not only soft porn, totally the opposite, it is mainly creativity and also information. For many young people definitely replaced the television. And here it opens a new way to communicate. There are already documentaries all made through Snap, as the ones in 2015 about the BBC reports of John Sweeney and Ravin Sampat on the migratory flow between Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary to reach Austria and Germany. Or as the whole horror film made with Snapchat, Sick house, we can say the first film vertically. Recorded for 5 days and the millions followers of Andrea Russet, Sean O’Donnell, Jc Caylen participants, everybody stick to their phones watching not understanding very well what was happening. Now the film is on sale at Vimeo on Demand for $ 5.99 and many have said to be the new ” Blair Witch Project ” of the new social generation.
In addition to the Discover (partnership of ghost with large publishing companies) little by little Snapchat created his own online magazine, Real Life. Another interesting initiative was the creation of social India account Snap Counsellors to denounce violent relationships and where users can post pictures and videos of complaints created by the creators of Love Doctor (consultant’s platform for teenagers).

Snapchat is also a great opportunity for businesses. Taco Bell proposed a filter that turned user faces into joke, it made a view of record, more than 224 million. Here in Italy they soon created the possibility of creating their own Geo-Filters by payment. But the ways to advertise will be endless, just to see the creativity that users use to promote themselves. I enjoy @MPLATCO and @SHONDURAS, very ironic, build amazing stories during the arc of 24 hours. Many use the filters to create characters when I see the old lady filter available I rush to see @CALABRESAGO snaps, she unbearable aunt with this filter who makes me laugh. We cannot fail to mention the Brazilian phenomenon that was born with Snapchat @TAYNARAOG (today object of studying of marketing world), she created several humor presentation or conquering everybody just being herself, Taynara today has over 500,000 views for each video. Snapchat was also the mercy shot for the paparazzi and gossip newspapers, almost all the celebrities of the moment are present and they are very active. Following them in their daily lives, you will fall in love with celebrities that we knew little before or found out how stupid can someone be before we liked them so much. They take us to bed with them, tour guide us in their closets, take us on vacation, cry with us, we become fond of their animals and we found that they do not change their toothbrush frequently. Reality always at our disposal. I believe that equal the success of Sick house many others produce very elaborate stories or their own films. Yes, what is cool about snap and the main factor that brought it success was to its spontaneity and the truth of the moment, but so many people have decided to forge it. It is necessary a computer and a teenager to “hack” it and choose photos previously present on the phone, create your own filters, effects or extend the 10 seconds of video, all following simple tutorials like this hackerare snapchat  . Snapchat surely changed and still grown in time, Zuckerberg will have plenty to copy.A user asked me the other day what was my purpose using Snapchat (for many it is only a mean of completing goals), I replied joking, I use it specially to become ridiculous. But now reflecting well, also in Second Life I was often a clown … Now I just revealed one of my identities … The truth is always uncovered …

snapchat mania

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