Hmmmm … I find myself among 100 teenagers applauding and happily smiling after seeing a movie, it does not happen to me every day, then I decided to prove being good with my opinion on “Suicide Squad”.

The story based on DC comics characters, tells the adventures of a group of super villains recruited by a pseudo good government, to fight evil entities who want to dominate the earth …

To tell this story they called actor of the caliber of Will Smith and Oscar winners, as Viola Davis and Jared Leto … $ 170 million were spent on the movie, not counting those of the worldwide marketing.

Well … In fact, it’s a mess without much violence, blood, and the cynicism that we like so much … They did that to avoid censure for underage Americans, but it would have jeopardized the opening … and all resulted in much water with sugar.

Now one question … Lords of Hollywood … With half of what you have paid your writers, perhaps even I would have written something a bit more insidious and less banal, next time call me!

Anyway, after two boring hours with bad elements, which are actually heroes, wizards, monster men made of whipped cream, I have only one wish … the pizza that is waiting for me after these two hours without emotion.

It’s probably a matter of age … I’m getting old … But explain to me only one thing, why to kill the true villain it’s necessary a bomb and the responsible for that task is a team of “suicides”? Why didn’t they use an atomic bomb? … hmmm … Good night, my pizza is getting cold … That one meant to be eaten…

P.S.: but one thing I loved Harley Quinn’s look… I foresee a legion of teenagers using pink and blue bunches, her makeup also deserves a tutorial, I’ll think about it. And Jared Leto always beautiful, even if his role in Suicide Squad was not a wonder …
Suicide Squad recensione Suicide Squad recensione Suicide Squad recensione

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