Walking backwards is not easy, it betrays our senses, requires a huge effort and we become slow, very slow … it’s been a time that we are walking backwards, as if we still lived the hangover of the 60/70s … but until when? I mean, my friends, the party is over long time ago and if we open our eyes, we are dancing without music in a place full of trash…

We propose again clichés of old battles: sexual revolution, musical festivals and a psychedelic discovery of individualism. We celebrate a revolution that is already buried.

It is useless to fantasize ourselves as hippies in Coachella, today our bras are burned, but with us alive, wearing them. We fantasized dreams and discoveries that were not ours, that party only left the cynicism of drunk skeletons who had betrayed their idols and causes.

Our revolution is to applaud the staging of a luxe protest? We delude ourselves wearing a multicultural patchwork and we are afraid of our new neighbors and we seek the old walls protection.

I’m tired of fringes, flowers and all forms of revisiting, I’m hungry for technology; I want to wear something that will cure me and not tumor dyes. Dear creative people, we all apply the rule: “nothing in the world is created, everything is a copy,” but if we owe you the definition of “geniuses”, please do not elude us but truly illuminate. The true luxe cannot be done unless there is coherence and ethics. Help us to improve and understand new forms of existence. Stephen Hawking says that philosophy is dead, but there may not be a new form of communication without this one. Guide us into the future, raise your ass from the chairs and help us in a real custom revolution. It is not enough blind us with the sun’s reflection in a pair of silver napa. It is not enough…

The cinema of the 70s

Talk about the cinema of 70s is equivalent to empty the sea with a glass …

Screenwriters and transgressive directors, politicians, provocative like Fassbinder, Glauber Rocha defied the taboo and the obviousness with original, experimental, disturbing stories
The American cinema produced masterpieces such as Badlands, Sand Creek, Little Big Man, Mr.Cabe & Mrs.Miller, M.A.S.H
Young talents were artists of the range of Coppola, Scorsese, De Palma, Lucas and Spielberg:
The Godfather, Killer Shark, the neurotic and righteous taxi driver, the Jedi knight peopled our rooms.
Even the pure fun cinema produced phenomena such as blaxploitation, in which the heroes were super beautiful and super black, Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu (and the fantastic Jackie Chan), Fulci’s horror films, Argento, Tobe Hooper, di Carpenter’s world … I will continue to the infinite … I was forgetting Herzog, Wende, the beautiful Italian and the western of Leone, Corbucci, Sollima, the fantastic Italian thrillers of Castellari and c&o.
The golden age of cinema that produced gems that today are insuperable.

fashion of the 70s

fashion of the 70sfashion of the 70s

fashion of the 70s

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