Shane Black, author of movies like Predator and Lethal Weapon, returns to the cinema with a little and funny treasure, The Nice Guys.

A movie set with attention and care in the late 70s in Los Angeles, it is about two private investigators who unveil the murder of a porn star who clearly conceals far beyond what it seems to be.

It is the return of the buddy cop movie, the one that the pair of cops become complementary and needle each other the whole movie: the American cinema and TV are full of it, it starts with Starsky and Hutch passing by Freebie and the Bean or Running Scared… Even the aforementioned Lethal Weapon with Gibson and Glober.

It would look like everything seen and reviewed… Perhaps it is… but, it is necessary to know how to write this kind of story and Black is a script master: the duo Ryan Gosling and Russel Crowe works and wonder, both in action as in the comic time, resulting in something real even in the most hyperbolic situations.

Gosling’s character has a comic component that makes him clumsy and ridiculous in his continuous relapses to Buster Keaton… Or like Peter Seller in Clouseau, like some people have made references.

It is a continuous game of tributes to several genres, it is not easy to be written, fluid, fun… There is no boredom here, but fun and the desire to see the pair in new cases is born.

For the cinephiles, note the botoxy presence of Kim Basinger who rebuilt with Crowe the duo of L.A. Confidential.

Anyway don’t leave them alone in the theaters… you’ll enjoy it.

the-nice-guys nice-guys

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