With the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is again in vogue. But, do you know how to build a fresh tropical look worthy of a real Brazilian woman?
The trends this summer 2016 here in Europe are bare shoulder, the ruffles, pompoms … All the details are widely used in Brazil and they are even better if it is mixed with prints of flowers, animals, fruits, the important is to be vibrant and that includes many styles, because one of the main features in the construction of a tropical Brazilian look is the union of differences in the construction of originality. Now we will see three trends that will be on the streets of Rio also during the Olympics.


Lace, embroidery and handicrafts.

In Brazil regional fashion is very present. Regions such as the Northeast give us, for example, the tradition of their lace and embroidery and increasingly the luxury industry in Brazil started to value traditional handicraft again, breaking prejudices and creating a new concept of elegance and identity. In Brazil the quality of leather items is also excellent, so we export to the world. Bags and handmade shoes are also really unique and comes from a long tradition, with the influence of the northeast, with cutouts that resemble the period of the ‘cangaço’ are also trend.

 tropical look


Religion also present in the looks


In Brazil religion is a very important factor, it is part of the daily life of most Brazilians and it’s also seen in fashion. Most religions have African origin, such as Candomblé which leads to influences seen on the streets and prints, the choices of colors for the symbolic factor, the cut of the garments, the accessories decorated with amulets and Saints or in turbans. An example, in Brazil on New Year’s Eve most people use exclusively white clothes, this tradition comes from Africa, that symbolizes purity and renewal, a tribute to Yemanja, an African deity. In December is summer in Brazil, it is ideal for the total white look, I can guarantee that a New Year’s Eve on Copacabana beaches crowded in white, gives chills, a unique feeling.
 tropical look


The sensuality of the deep necklines, the short bars and adherences.


When we speak of Brazilian women we automatically think of sensuality. Female beauty is one of the most important factors of our culture, for example think about all muses of Tom Jobim’s songs: Ligia, Marina, Luisa, the Girl from Ipanema and all the women described by Jorge Amado: Gabriela, Dona Flor, Teresa Batista, Tieta … When you grow up in a culture where sensuality is fully valued, there is no time for inhibition, the Brazilian women love to show her curves and all this means lycra hahaha … in Brazil all types of fabric has its version with lycra, the jeans with lycra was created in Brazil. To the untrained eye at first glance it may seem all too daring and the rule “Do not combine neckline with short bars” in Brazil does not work, our Brazilian fashion comes from a deep relationship with place, with the climate and esthetics daughter of miscegenation, producing singularities and generating all particularization of Brazilian culture.
 tropical look

DressVilla Park   Sandal: Zhoelala Milano

 tropical look  tropical look  tropical look  tropical look

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