Vivienne Westwood, when fashion makes policy

A few times I was so thrilled to see shows such as Vivienne Westwood in Milan fashion week in 2016 and the London Fashion Week in 2013, where the walkway became a place of protest in favor of Julian Assange. The freedom and the struggle for this should move everything, including the fashion world. Fashion is also political and information and Vivienne with this position is opposed to the cold investors’ politics, because freedom of information contrasts with the though powers. Few exceptions prove the road of economic social reconquest, all the rest is banal marketing of large investment groups. And everything in this world goes through a thread, or better said, a rope that slowly hangs everyone. Privacy Illusion. Lately on Facebook all the people who uses Ctrl + C and Ctrl + v with the text they say they do not give the right to use their information, photos, etc … made me laugh. First of all, if you want to publish stupidity anonymously, you must go on sites like 4chan and not on Facebook, these people do not understand that all our published information is converted into graphics that make Zuckerberg even more powerful and rich? In what world do they live? The only protection now is ENCRYPTION and they will do anything so that you can no longer use.


Using the network to obtain and disseminate the powerful ones’ complots.

While you use the network to enrich the hands that move us like puppets, that’s ok, but you can only to use the network to unveil this planetary game, you will be pursued and have the worst sentences even an adolescent full of pimples on the face and not even the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) will defend you, exactly what happened to Aaron Swartz, they will take your will to live.
Nowhere else we can fight with equal arms, as in the network. When Steve Jobs invented the blue box with the logo “the world in your hands” on it, he soon realized that he had managed to build a little thing that could control and oppose the millions of dollars of the telephone companies. When I see boys in the basements of their homes bringing trouble to the strong powers, sending systems to hell, such as Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Amazon systems… I understand that internet besides being the social bump of technology, it is a new way of essential fight.

Hacktivism: the power of keyboards and new revolutions.

I will approach the world of Anonymous, Wikileaks and hacktivism … that does not mean I’m giving signs of being not acclimated or nerdism and here we are talking about freedom, democracy, philosophy, revolution, present and future … it is a battle that is already part of our day-to-day.
We are paying a very high price, we are at war and we do not know why and what moves it. They delude us with false causes, they train us to hate, deprive us of our freedom and we fight against each other, while “they” enrich themselves at the expense of our blood. We have the right to know who “they” are and understand what is the game they are playing. For this, supporting Assange and others like it that put their freedom and even life in risk, it is primordial, especially in this hard time.
We cannot help admiring Vivienne Westwood who supports Assange, but she is a person who understands the present time, the freedom and the power of new forms of civil disobedience. Brave.

Dress: Villa Park

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