We’re finally at the season of the big ceremonies, we are invited for day and night weddings, camp and beach weddings, baptism, chrism… Not even the smartest ones could not spare themselves, at least once, of asking the big question: Oh my God, what should I wear?

The desire of being unforgettable is part of each one of us, but, when we achieve it because we are the worst dressed or the most inconvenient is worse than receiving the paddle with “Streetwalker” in fashion Police. Yes, our friends can be more sharp-tongued than the unforgettable and nostalgic Joan Rivers.

We cannot forget the real role of the guest: contribute to the success of the party. We are not the feted ones, so not too much protagonism. In the case of a marriage, we should always follow the dress indication written in the invitation and if there isn’t any, without fear, ask the bride.

But if you are really lost and do not know what to dress for a wedding, your compass must be: being comfortable and in tune with your personal style. Never dress anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. In this case the best choice is the classic and neuter colors. Never dress in white and if the bride chooses another color, avoid this color and its shades (it is wise to ask the bride what color will her dress be if you want to wear pastel color).

Day wedding

Neuter colors are better, discreet prints and simplicity. Never wear short dresses, transparent and really tight gown (a rule for all kinds of weddings). You’d better choose a fresh and romantic look. Never use black in day weddings. The ideal length is a little bit down the knee. Palazzo pants or a tailleur is a nice option.

Night wedding

A night weeding requires elegance and sophistication. Long dresses are ideal; you can use more glow. The latter is the wedding the longer is the dress, glower, decorated and darker. You can use black in a night wedding, but, somebody will always look at you badly.

Wedding at the church

In the church the rule is respect and adequacy. Exuberant necklines are forbidden, transparent clothes and audacious clefts too. Covering the shoulders and the neckline is mandatory, you can use a shawl, a silk foulard, a stole, something that will make you enter the church with the right decorum.

Beach wedding

Like the day wedding, you can privilege delicate prints and florals (avoid prints that resembles Hawaiian parties), create a fresh and comfortable look. Never use high heels in this situation, so that you can avoid ridiculous walking. Do not overdo the makeup, lightness and naturalness is more appropriate. Do not forget to complete your make-up with a make-up fixer, a tip for all events.

Camp wedding

For a wedding in the camp you can use a floral print and vibrate colors. In this occasion is very beautiful using colors like orange, pink, yellow. Avoid green, so that you will not look like part of the background. Avoid long dresses and high heels.

Hats at weddings

The hats can be used only in morning weddings and if the bride’s mother is using too. Indoors, only in the church. It should be used throughout the ceremony and you can take it only at the table. On the table you can use it only if it is small (never forget an emergency comb). Hats with large flap are good only to tall women, for short ladies compact models are much better. It’s beautiful to match the hat with the colors of two details of the look, for example shoes, belt, makeup, purse or stole. Do not use it in the same color of the dress. The most commonly used models are casquete, capeline, canotier and breton. Hat with veil is forbidden in the morning. If you choose to use the hat do not choose a very detailed dress, not to overload information. Never use black hat, choose pastel colors and not too fancy and picturesque, unless you want to become the center of attention as William of England’s cousins, Eugenia and Beatriz, right?

Weddings abroad

Each country has its traditions. As in Italy, the bride and bridesmaids should not wear pearls (an old folk tradition says that could bring tears the bride), it is an obligation, to avoid gaffes, to learn about the traditions of the country where the ceremony will take place. For example, in China it is important to have a red detail on the dress to wish good luck to the couple. In Russia many marry in blue, so it is good to avoid this color not to compete with the bride.

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