This Christmas I decided to play with my family and some friends. I asked them to tell me one or two words as a clue so that I could have an idea of a gift for them. For a long time I prefer to buy on the Internet. Sometimes cheaper, convenient and, for me, funnier. You just have to trust the quality and safety of the brands you already know to avoid unpleasant surprises. I chose Esprit to make my Christmas shop, this is where I can find everything I need in 360°, kids, women and men’s fashion, home. Guided by the words my loved ones gave me I’ve made my search in the web site, and here it is my selection. Among so many wonderful things the only problem was to choose which one to buy, can you help me?

I’ll start with me, my word for this Christmas is brandy, a color which I love and suede, a perfect combination to create a 70s look that I like.





My mother’s words were hot and soft. I fell in love for these 3 items:




My son answered at the same time with excitement: My bedroom! We are moving this year and he is eager to have a brand new bedroom. So I decided to buy some wallpaper and decoration.




My brother told me cool and traditional… hmmm… I couldn’t resist, I think plaid is always a must and I love these sneakers they’re really stylish.





My sister-in-law only told me: sexy! And for me there is nothing sexier and feminine than lace.




My close friends; one influenced by the premiere of Star Wars: The force awakens, chose the wordstars. I’ve found so many beautiful options. The other friend, a just new mother, could not choose any other word, son and happiness. I had a lot of fun with these accessories with Christmas theme for babies and I think I’ll buy them all!!!




My father is a little bit atypical and he loves to decorate the house, set the table. He blurted the wordshouse and comfort. For him I chose everything that could make the atmosphere cozier for Christmas lunch.




And finally my husband, who loves to play up with me. After a long silence, he answered… Buuu… No problems, I think. His words would be practicality, elegance… but, maybe irony would be suitable… but, none represents him better than slippers, hahaha…


7bTutte le foto :  Esprit

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